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We offer maths tuition to help those students who may be struggling at school and lack confidence. Often these students find that once they haven’t grasped a concept at school, classes move on too quickly and they rapidly feel lost.

Contrasting this, we also work with those who need pushing further and may not finding school work challenging and are becoming bored and unmotivated.

Every student is assessed when they start working with us and this enables us to plan for their individualised learning. Work is carefully planned and delivered by tutors who are experienced in building children’s confidence and raising grades.

In every session students receive one to one help to learn new topics and methods or receive help with those they find difficult. They are then given time to work out answers themselves in independent work, which helps them to develop confidence in their abilities and gain independence skills.

Children are also welcome to bring in any work they are struggling with at school and discuss this with us. They will receive homework at the end of each session to consolidate their learning.

Maths Tuition - KS3 and GCSE

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Maths, English & 11+ Tuition in Sutton Coldfield

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