Does your child lack confidence?

Do they struggle in class and feel left behind?

Are they becoming invisible in class?

Do you want your child to reach their full educational potential?

At Chrysalis Learning Centre, we offer a friendly, fun, learning environment for your child. We specialise in developing an individual learning journey for each child depending on their needs and interests and will fully support them in reaching their true potential.

Whether their needs are in maths, English, reading, 11+ preparation for grammar school or just general help and confidence building in all areas we will develop a plan just for them.

We work in small groups of up to 4 children, with a qualified teacher in every class. We also have a tutoring assistant in larger classes. This enables the child to feel comfortable in their surroundings and not be continuously under pressure in a 1 to 1 environment. Each child is given a perfect balance of individual attention and opportunities to work independently.

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Maths, English & 11+ Tuition in Sutton Coldfield