Whether your child struggles in maths or they find maths easy and need challenging further, we can help.

Every child is assessed when they start working with us and this enables us to plan for their individualised learning. We will plan work from this assessment, from information you give us from feedback from school, the national curriculum and any current work your child may be finding difficult in school.

In every session your child will receive one to one help from a qualified tutor teaching new topics and methods or giving help with those they find difficult.

Children are then given time to work out answers themselves in independent work, which helps them to develop confidence in their abilities and gain independence skills.

Finally they will have the opportunity to consolidate their learning by using fun, educational software or small group games. Homework is set to practice the new skills learnt and to check understanding. Your monthly fee also includes log ins to access unlimited online homework.

During every session, primary children will earn points for hard work and for completing their homework. These points can be collected and exchanged for prizes.

Maths Tuition - Primary to GCSE level

Maths Tuition

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