We can help those children who find English difficult or those who need the opportunities to develop their skills further.

We cover all aspects of the English curriculum including learning phonic sounds and letter formation, vocabulary building, grammar, sentence structure and writing different text types. For secondary students we cover both the literacy and language curriculum.

Reading skills are also covered from recognizing and blending sounds through to understanding texts from different sources and developing comprehension skills.

Skills are learnt through one to one teaching, independent writing, small group games and interactive computer software for primary children - this can also be accessed at home to support their learning further.

Primary children may study one subject area or a combination of maths and English, dependent on their needs. This can be discussed at their initial assessment session. It is advisable for secondary students to attend separate English and maths sessions.

During every session, primary children will earn points for hard work and for completing their homework. These points can be collected and exchanged for prizes.

English Tuition - Primary to GCSE level

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