Special Educational Needs

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The owner of Chrysalis is a practising special needs teacher. At the centre we have experience of working with SEN children who are having difficulties with their school work. We can assist them in all areas, including maths skills, writing, phonics and reading. We build skills through practical exercises, games and activities as well as using written methods - catering for a wide range of learning styles.

We can help children with a range of needs including:

Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism (Please note - unfortunately our centre is on the first floor and can only be accessed via stairs).

Often in school, even a child with a EHCP will only receive a small amount of extra, specialised support. Although valuable, this is often not enough time to enable your child to progress to their full potential. Sadly, lots of parents find it difficult to get their child’s needs recognised and aren’t able to access extra support within school. We can help provide that extra help that your child needs and offer advice for you to help them at home.

The first assessment session is free of charge. During that session we will discuss your child’s needs and offer suggestions of how we can help. Dependent on their needs, your child may be given a short assessment test to highlight their main areas of need. If you have an IEP for your child please bring this along as it can form a basis for our programme of support.



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